Multisports Hall in Benghazi

5.500 seats
Project and construction management for the sports center in Libya.

With the same modular constructive system that was used in the first libyan work in city of Misurata, we designed this multi-purpose sports center.
The idea is very similar but in this case it is a closed, air-conditioned building.
In order to achieve cover the stands and the pitch, we made a dome by lattice arches that meet at a central compression ring. All protected by a lightweight aluminum housing, heat insulated to ensure the comfort of the public.
Aesthetically it is very similar to the stage of Misurata, only with a more pronounced volume.

  • Capacity: 5.300 seats
  • Area: 5.700 sqm
  • Budget: 20M €
  • Client: Triarena
  • Developer: Libyan Olympic Committee

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