“The construction comprehended by the same procedures of standardization, modularity, technology, flexibility and quality control that apply to many other areas, the most obvious example is automobile production.”

Prototype of a stadium with a capacity of 430,000 seats with rectangular shape of 180m x 150m. Within the minimum distance recommended the pitch. Full grandstands on 3 of 4 sides. And presidential tribune in front of the main building. The main building houses the areas of: -Players, -Authorities, -Public VIP, -Press, -Multilingual Club. Ensuring comfort and full functionality according to the FIFA recommendations. Ancillary services to the general public focus on the inner side of the corridor. Cafes, public toilets and 2 medical first aid rooms, with entries emergency vehicles. The grandstands are distributed through a central ring that lead to the stairs of the 22 vomitories. We offers a stadium design covered in the East and West stands. And also the possibility to cover the whole.

Our construction system consists chronologically:

  • Steel Structure. A metal structure (modular and prefabricated) as support of the grandstands. Manufactured by the assembly of laminated steel profiles with bolted joints..
  • Grandstands prefabricated of reinforced concrete. Included the enclosures, vomitories, stairs etc …
  • Modular prefabricated buildings. Which includes the main building (dressing rooms, VIP area, Sky-boxes, Staff and Media areas, etc… ) and all auxiliary modules (public toilets, access, snack bar, medical center etc …)
  • Playfield of natural grass and all sportive equipment (goals, corners flags, substitutes´ benches etc…)
  • Seating for all spectators. Monoblock seat of PVC for the general public, Folding seats with armrests for VIP public and comfortable armchairs for the authorities.
  • Facilities: electricity, plumbing, sewage, lighting, PA system and electronic scoreboards. The level of pitch-lighting depends on FIFA standards: Level V ( International Match) and Level IV (National Match)
  • Façade by metallic panels or tensioned mesh panels (customizable for each event to celebrate).

The advantages of our system are very evident, because it is a totally precast system. A manufactured product in factory and its construction work is limited to assemble. We get to accelerate the construction process and also improving the quality of finished product. This quality never is compared with a traditional construction use.

In addition to being susceptible to be dismantled, moved and expanded …

30.000 seats
40.000 sqm
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