Cultural center in Parque Coimbra

Madrid. Spain
New utility building in Coimbra.

Commissioned by the Móstoles City Council we designed a Cultural Center in Coimbra Parque urban development of Madrid.
It is an isolated urban area of the city center of Móstoles, without municipally services.
A municipal building that houses in its interior promotes: – a cultural center, an auditorium, a library, classrooms for courses, a day center for the elderly, a police station, a restaurant and a public parking.
The topography of the plot with a slope of more than 15cm contributed to solve a building with such a complex program with very different uses and hour hand. Taking advantage of the steep slope, we create a terraced building with different accesses and only roof to unify the large volume was raised.
That same cover contains a large solar panel that supplies electricity to the center. Getting to be quite efficient from an energy standpoint.

  • Area: 4.500 sqm
  • Budget: 3.8M €
  • Client: UXAMA
  • Developer: Móstoles City Hall

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