At the request of the Panamanian Institute of Sports, the Preliminary Draft for the New American Football Stadium, Emilio Antonio Royo C, is presented at the Irving Saladino Sports Complex, Juan Diaz Corregimiento, district and province of Panama.

Acording the morphological characteristics of the plot, a unique grandstand is proposed to the west with a capacity for 2,500 spectators, distributed in 4 vomitories, one of them shared with the access for the handicapped. Centered on the axis of the playfield, the tribune of authorities, VIP public and press, with access from the main building. It houses the changing rooms, press room and administrative offices on the ground floor and VIP Restaurant with views of the field on the first floor.

It is an entirely modular stadium through our construction system:

  • Steel Structure. A metal structure (modular and prefabricated) as support of the grandstands. Manufactured by the assembly of laminated steel profiles with bolted joints..
  • Grandstands prefabricated of reinforced concrete. Included the enclosures, vomitories, stairs etc …
  • Modular prefabricated buildings. Which includes the main building (dressing rooms, VIP area, Sky-boxes, Staff and Media areas, etc… ) and all auxiliary modules (public toilets, access, snack bar, medical center etc …)
  • Playfield of natural grass and all sportive equipment (goals, corners flags, substitutes´ benches etc…)
  • Seating for all spectators. Monoblock seat of PVC for the general public, Folding seats with armrests for VIP public and comfortable armchairs for the authorities.
  • Facilities: electricity, plumbing, sewage, lighting, PA system and electronic scoreboards. The level of pitch-lighting depends on FIFA standards: Level V ( International Match) and Level IV (National Match)
  • Façade by metallic panels or tensioned mesh panels.
2.500 seats
14.300 sqm
PANDEPORTES (Sports Institute of Panamá)
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